With our steel cutting you get

better value, greater expertise and faster turnaround


Multi head profile cutting and stripping. Heavy plate cutting up to 300mm


More accuracy - less heat distortion. More efficient use of material. Up to 65mm thick.


- Snow grinding available up to 63" diameter (1600mm).
- For your entire surface grinding requirements.

Count on Flame-Cut for:

  • Fast, efficient response
  • Wide range of cutting thicknesses
  • Full range of surface grinding, beveling, drilling, bending and rolling services
  • Closely supervised work systems for top quality

We understand your need for speedy response while requiring the highest quality end product. Our prompt, courteous, spot-on service is made possible by a hand-picked team of experienced professionals who fully understand the need to work quickly while keeping high quality workmanship as a key priority.


    We will call you as soon as possible to discuss your needs.

    Large stock holdings and the right machines to produce quality products

    We buy our raw stocks in large quantities to maximise costs savings that we pass onto you. We keep large stocks of all grades. Our workshops have a 10 tonne lifting capacity and we offer prompt delivery. We have a comprehensive range of machines to meet your exact needs — from plasma cutting, multi-head profiling and stripping to heavy plate cutting. These include the mighty PCS6500BHB plasma cutting and drilling machine: ideal for precision plate processing.

    A versatile team with the facilities to offer higher quality at lower cost

    We have full traceability in our entire manufacturing process. This means we go beyond mere compliance to your requirements and ensuring you only receive the highest quality products on time, every time. Full control of our manufacturing process from start to finish enables us to remedy any potential issues and take immediate corrective action. At Flame-Cut we pride ourselves in safety, efficiency and productivity saving you time, money and hassles. Full traceability affects every aspect of our processing and ensures products produced are of the highest possible quality.

    We can attend to all your steel processing needs

    Our services include:

    • Plasma Cutting – up to 65 mm thick
    • Flame(Oxy-fuel) Cutting – up to 300mm thick
    • Multi head profile cutting and stripping
    • Surface grinding
    • Bevelling
    • Drilling
    • Bending / rolling
    • 24 HR Breakdown Service